What's a good all age hangout place in LA?!


What's a good all age hangout place in LA?

My cousin from Vancouver came out to visit and I wanna show him what LA is really about and im 17 and he's 23 and i just wanna show him a good time. SUGGESTIONS?? maybe some activities or restaurants?

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10 months ago
LA as in Los Angeles, California. Near pasendena.

10 months ago
LA as in Los Angeles, California. Near pasendena.

hard rock cafe

be specific LA as in Louisana or LA as in Los Angeles.

West Angeles Church of God In Christ, over on Crenshaw Blvd.You will both love it There`s a lot of youth there, and some really nice folk. great singing and the best music, etc. Try it , you`ll really like it. Honestly!

The Hard Rock Cafe'

COOL BEENS< FROM THE VALLEY MYSELF~ how bout magic mountain, or burbank studios holly weird blvd,
santa monica beach/ venice boardwalk redondo pier rocks~
its easy to do a great time in so calif everything under the sun is here...

There is a place called Barneys Beanery that make their own beer and bread and they have a ton of different kinds of hamburgers. It is casual. It is located on Sunset Blvd, right before the strip (heading West on Sunset Blvd).
Hollywood is all hyped up and not fun. Go down to Melrose Blvd and see the REAL locals. (South past Hollywood Blvd, Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd).
Also Prominade down by Santa Monica Beach has cool live entertainment and interesting shops.

Universal city walk. tons of restaurants and shops. they have the studio there so you can do a tour and even catch a concert depending on who is there for the Labor Day Week end! Enjoy

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