15th birthday party ideaS?!

Question: 15th birthday party ideaS?
so im turning 15 in 2 more weeks and i was wondering what i should do?
i am doing it at my house and there is about 11-12 ppl coming ? oh and there all girls :P
so what should i do?
Thanks for your help!


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you should prob. give it a theme! :) Thats exciting! :) Decorate your house or make it fun :) Put on a movie at home with popcorn! OMG! make it a movie night! Sleepover maybe?

a spa night is always fun, you can make over each others hair and do facial masks and paint nails and stuff like that. there's also a bunch of different recipes for homemade masks online
if you're not into that you could do a movie night and a sleepover if that would work (horror movies, chick flicks, comedies)
some common themes are beach, movie star, and murder mystery....
hope this helps! :)

my favorite funnest party ever went a little like this
it was a costume party, that was fun in it self, then we split up into two different cars one was on the mom team the other on the dad and there was this scavenger hunt and we drove around to different places finding the next clue and it all ended in the park where we had a waterballon/ confetti egg fight then we went home and had a paint war and afterwards we signed our names on the shirts we were wearing... it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


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