Bachelorette party..any on ?!?!?!

Question: Bachelorette party..any on ?!?!?
I am throwing my sis a small bachelorette is going to be all of her favorite things..everything is going to be pink, and we are going to have chinese appetizers, watch house bunny, bride wars..etc. and the theme is playboy bunny(the bunny not the porn)..we are keeping it pg 13...we r having virgin drinks...i am going to but pink playboy bunny's all of the wall..have a party sign that say Bachelortte party up and make a giant wall decor. of the play boy manison..I neeed more ideas..i want to go all out..oh and male stippers are a


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Make pink cupcakes with white frosting. It is easy, just buy white cake mix and add a little pink food coloring to the batter.

oh...and you could spike the drinks if no one is

You should play some games that involve everyone or a couple of games with only a couple of people. You should do what guys would do, play poker. You can use pretzels instead of money to make it fun. You can have a table playing phase ten. That's a really fun game and it can be two to four people. I would have different tables of stuff then everyone rotates when there game is done. You can do make overs or paint each others nails and do each others hair!! Those are just somethings that I would like and it would bring everyone together.

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