Any party Ideas?!


Any party Ideas?

I am having a luau themed party for my birthday, I am going to have tiki torches set up around the yard and I am making a pinaple shaped pinata~ does anybody have any ideas for food, decorations, games, ect.

do a lot of fruit you can do cool stuff with pinapples do smoothies with umbrellas too

roatsed pig is a traditional hawiian delicase or roasted ham

This website will give you lots of ideas.

At most luaus they have lots of food that can be outside and won't go bad. Since pig is something they always have maybe you can make something along those lines. Maybe a smoked pork loin on the barbeque or something like that.

The most thing is that everyone is comfortable. That's all they really care about.

Lots of fresh, naartjies, grapes, fruit salads watermelon's the best! Salads (shrimp's nice!), punches, fizzy fruit drinks...bla bla bla! Anything that reminds you of a beach!
please invite me...I'l bring you a present! Hahaha!!
Have fun and happy birthday!

hawaiian pizza; roasted pig; pina coladas

carrot fruit salad

How about all the women wear flowers in their hair and for a game you could have a hula hooping contest.

have all your guests wear Hawaiian or tropical shirts. Lay large leaves such as collard greens on tables with candles. You can even go to the dollar store and put small white votive candles and put goldfish in small bowls from the dollar store. Macadamia nut cookies, sweet and sour meatballs made with pineapple, chicken curry, ham with pineapple rings. coconut cake with pineapple slices and maraschino cherries on top. Blue Hawaiis b(blue punch), of course plastic leis, limbo challenge, tables decorated with fruit, fish, shells, sand and go to the oriental trading company online for more ideas.

here's one idea, get a seedless watermelon, on one end make a deep hole almost to the middle with a diameter of 1" to 1.5" , put vodka in the hole and let it rest overnight, i really do not now how to make the hole, but i have some in a friend's party and it was delicious. cut the watermelon in wedges and put in a platter with a little sign "watermelon vodka"

Have fun!

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