What are THEME ideas for a Cafe?!

Question: What are THEME ideas for a Cafe?
In my french class we are learning food and we have a huge project we just got assigned. We have to create a theme and using the theme make a menu and do a skit about it all in french. She also said that it doesnt have to be a French theme, she was showing us ideas and someone did a new York one and someone did a beach theme too.


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Antique Princess style cafe.

Well you don't want to do something that everyone else already has out there or that anyone else in your class can pick due to popularity of the subject so I suggest you do a theme that most wouldn't even think of like:

Family Fiesta which would have family pictures of guests that came in on the walls and would include items like Papa's Pastries and Mama's Menu and Kiddies Krispies

Out of This World which would have a set up of outer space maybe and include Planitary Popovers, Moonies, Comet Crunch

The Jungle which would have a set up with a waterfall and jungle trees in the restaurant and they would serve Monkey Bread and Cheetah Cheesecake,

Of course there would be lots of other things on any of these menus but that would give you an idea.

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