What sweet foods do you think of for every month?!

Question: What sweet foods do you think of for every month?
:) Sweet foods <3 I have to make a dessert for every month that has some food that reminds people of each month. What sweets to you think of for each month? :)



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January: Flourless Chocolate Cake
February: Red Velvet Cake
March: Grasshopper Pie
April: Jello Poke cake
May: Whoppie Pies
June: Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit
July: Dessert cookie pizza (sugar cookie topped with cream cheese spread and fresh berries)
August: Peach cobbler
September: Brownies
October: Bread pudding
November: Pumpkin pie
December: Holiday Cookies or Yule Log

January: Warm chocolate pudding (pudding before it cools)
February: Strawberry shortcake
March: Mixed berries
April: Easter-egg cookies
May: Berry parfait
June: Melon basket (choose a melon and cut to make a basket. Fill with melon balls).
July: Watermelon granita
August: Melon chunks (of any seasonal melon)
September: Banana pudding with Nilla wafers
October: Pumpkin ice cream
November: Apple pie
December: Shortbread cookies

January: Hot Chocolate
February: Chocolate Cup Cakes
March: Green Shortbread Cookies
April: White cake with coconut topping
May: Birthday Cake
June: Banana Bread
July: Pound cake with blueberries and strawberries
August: Ice Cream Sundae
September: Cherry Pie
October: Pumpkin Bread
November: Pumpkin Pie
December: Frosted Christmas Cookies

January: donuts
February: chocolate
March: brownies
April: cheese cake
May: strawberries & whip cream
June: ice cream
July: popsicles
August: watermelon
September: apple crisp
October: pumpkin pie
November: fudge
December: cookies or butter tars

chocolate every month.

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