Why do waffles taste so good?!

Question: Why do waffles taste so good?
Waffles with peanut butter and syrup!


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I'd say because of the combination of sweet and kind of salty (from the peanut butter and syrup) and then the butter from the waffles. Mmm. I do that all the time for my kids breakfast, they just love it. Sometimes, if they really deserve it I put little chunks of chocolate in it. It's just one of those foods that was made for tasting. :)

me, myself and I

idk but ive always liked waffles better than pancakes!! lol pancakes are soo overrated......waffles are better, espiecially chocolate chip waffles yum :)

Butter in your batter makes anything good.

its the syrup. Good ol' Canadian maple syrup <3

:D that's a good question!?!?!?! Yummmmmy waffles!!!!!!!!

Becuase their filled with so much goodness <3

Because they have a light fluffy taste to it

its the syrup

Because they are waffles ,and they just do :D

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