where can i get information on an old drinking cup?!

Question: Where can i get information on an old drinking cup?
the cup is 2 1/4" tall and 2 3/4" diameter. stamped on the bottom (victorian plate, e.p. copper, b.m. mounts, and #63. etched around the outside is a 4 member marching band with an elephant in the lead. also, on the cup, is a cart being pulled by, i presume to be punch, and judy is in the cart. the front of the cart has the words punch and judy engraved on it.


I googled it and is it like a tea cup or something else? if it is the tea cup it was more than likely part of a child's toy tea set. If it is authentic meaning it was cast in 1880s it could be worth some okay money if you take it to the right place. I see one in the site below worth $40 just for the cup (saucer originally in set not included). You should go see a professional and also check out the punch and judy fan site for more info. Good luck and good find!

P.s. if you have the biscuit jar I see that someone is selling that one for $150!


ITS AMAZING Hope this helps! http://findsth.info/92212/drinking-cup


You can search it on line or visit an old antic store.

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