is this a symptom of an alcoholic?!

Question: Is this a symptom of an alcoholic?
does drinking to get drunk mean your an alcoholic? what about drinking to have a good time??


Being Alcoholic is an addiction to alcohol. Meaning you, feel the need to drink because of your emotional instability, habit or a withdraw. . . Basically you drink more then moderation, lets leave it at that. What you listed isn't symptoms of an alcoholic, Those are just temporary drinking habits that you can stop in a day or too.

Not necessarily. The surest symptom of alcoholism is simply that drinking is having a negative effect on your life and you still do it. Whether it's arguing with a partner or just going in to work hungover too many days, if it's causing a problem and you still can't stop, that's a big red flag.

No an uncontrollable reliance on alcohol is what makes you an alcoholic. Needing drink every day and every moment and feeling that you cannot do without it. Probably 90% of people who drink do it for the feeling of being drunk and loosing inhibitions. Its goooooooood! don't stress it. Do whatever feels good as long as it doesn't hurt anyone thats my motto.

Neither are symptoms of alcoholism. Alcoholism is an addiction. Not everything you do for fun is an addiction. It's not a disease, either. You can't just quit a disease.

being an alcoholic is a person who is addicted to alcohol. if your drinking to be drunk then your life must suck, and if your drinking to have a good time then you dont know your limits


It all depends on when you get drunk.. like how many times a week everyone likes to get drunk but you should still be sensible and i dont think you are an alcoholic

A normal well adjusted person, perfectly normal having a few drinks. Only difference he/she MUST have these drinks.

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