What is the best thing about Sonic Drive-in?!


What is the best thing about Sonic Drive-in?

Our local Sonic must be the very best fast-food place I've ever visited. They are super-fast, very friendly, and the food consistently tastes exceptionally good. I also love the beautifully designed menu signage, the convenience of curb service or drive-through, and the fact that new menu items and specials are always being offered. We go to Sonic a lot and very much enjoy it.

Sonic Drive-In, at least our local one, really has it together.


driving away...sometimes hotties working

Vanilla Dr. Pepper, the chili/ cheese hot dog, cheddar peppers...and of course the Limeades!! Not sure about the one near you, but the service at the one by me sucks 95% of the time, last night I sat for 30 min to get a Jr. hickory burger for my mother in law that was home not feeling well and wanted that for dinner...

Chedder peppers,banana split shake,cheese tator tots and a cheese coney with a route 44 Dr.Pepper.

It's always optional to eat there.

theres an exit

Corndogs and the tropical fruit smoothie

That they provide a nutrition guide to aid Diabetics and let them know what they can eat before making a BIG MISTAKE and eating something that is loaded with carbs or sugar.

I also like their Spicy Southwest Super Sonic Cheeseburger!

Their hot dogs.

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