Bachelor party toast?!

Question: Bachelor party toast?
My brother's bachelor party is this weekend! anyone have a good bachelor party toast suggestions?


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My husband did this one at one of our friends weddings. It was a big hit...

- Have the bride and groom stand up and hold hands, make sure the grooms hand is on top. Tell everybody to look at how sweet they look together. But unfortunately, this will be the only time (say the grooms name) will ever have the upper hand...bahahaha...Then you can get all mushy about how much you love them, and hope they live a long happy life together. Cheers to the happy couple!

good luck...hope this helps...

Toasts are typically highly personal (or at least they should be). You wouldn't want to give your brother a generic toast.

Fortunately there are tips on writing a great toast that you can employ

Remember the first and most important rule of writing before you begin: know your audience. The content of your speech should be oriented towards a group of the groom's male friends, and, in the spirit of the occasion, is best kept light and fun.

Recount any particularly memorable moments you share with the soon-to-be-married man who's the guest of honor at the bachelor party. Make a list of them, paying particular attention to any stories that can be twisted to shed some light or offer some insight into the rite of passage the groom-to-be's impending marriage represents.

Insert some jokes in your toast. A bachelor party is a time to have fun. The guest of honor certainly won't mind if you use the opportunity to poke some good-natured fun at him. And if he really is too sensitive to laugh at himself, well, perhaps you should get to work on planning his divorce party.

Draft your toast by writing it out, either on paper or using a word processor. Don't worry about your spelling and grammar--just get your ideas on the page. You can refine them later.

Run the speech you've written by some close friends of the groom to get a second opinion as to its suitability, as well as any tips that might improve it. Just because you're the one who has to write the toast doesn't mean you have to do it without help.

Rewrite and polish your toast before finalizing it. Good writing is always achieved through rewriting, rethinking and revising. You may also want to consider practicing the speech out loud as often as possible before the event to get down not only the content, but also the delivery style. The words are one thing; the manner in which they are delivered is what truly makes a toast memorable.

OOH BACHELOR PARTY! Good thing about these is that they are usually wild so you can say anything. soo although this sounds weird coming from a woman you can say...

* here's to you (name). May your heart a beatin while your hair lines receding. Hope your feet keep a tappin while your balls she's a snatching. I wish you Gods speed if you splash when you pee cuz when you become "husband" that's when the $h!t hits the fan!

*I propose a toast. Let us toast the good things in life. Freedom, irresponsibility, and young girls in bikinis.... These are but some of the things you will be giving up (ha ha ha), but we are sure you will be getting much in return (awwww). When you find out exactly what, be sure to let us know (ha ha ha again).

or I saw this one and althoug a little dark its pretty funny:
Tonight, we put to rest the bachelorhood of our brother in arms, Richard Vagen, for it has died. It died, as so many young men of his generation, before his time. In your wisdom, Lord, you took them. As you took so many bright, flowering young men at Khe San, at Lan Doc and Hill 364. These young men gave their lives as Rich gave up his manhood. Rich who loved Arianne.

But, tonight is not to mourn the death of Rich’s glory days, but to celebrate them. And so any minute now, we will depart on an epic journey. One fueled by alcohol, cocaine, Russian roulette, and hookers. The night must be crushed by your mighty charge, torn to pieces by your grenades and bayonets. The honor of our comrade Rich must be spotless. Men, tonight we sacrifice our dignity in the honor of Rich. Tonight, you don't have to worry about your wives, girlfriends, or mothers… or in Jake’s case, the guy he sucked off at the bus stop on the way over here.

So onward to glory! Long live Rich! Long live the Vagen clan! Long live the United States of America!

last one was from…

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