I need suggestions on inexpensive celebration ideas. Can you help?!

Question: I need suggestions on inexpensive celebration ideas. Can you help?
My husband just finished a professional certification program that took him two years to study for and had him sit for the test for 2 days. It was like the financial industry version of the bar exam. He deserves a party. Thing is we don't have a large budget to work with but we have LOTS of family and friends. I was able to keep the list to an intimate 25-30 guests but our budget would only allow for $13-$15 per person. Our home is small so that is out, the neighborhood club house that we usually use is booked for the next month and a half. The only thing that I can think of inside of our budget is old country buffet (which I think may be tacky but my husband thinks may be okay).

Any suggestions for a party location that will be within my budget?

I would like to avoid making guests pay if possible since I don't feel it would be appropriate for inviting someone and splitting checks would be a nightmare.


well, that's a toughy. but I understand your dilemma. it all depends on where you live and what's available. I don't think a buffet is tacky, and they will most likely have ample seating for your guests. wehosted a celebration party at Cottonpatch Cafe once and it was relatvely inexpensive, plus we had a table that seated 24 (we had 24 plus a baby in a highchair- worked wonderfully). it's probably too chilly to go to a park pavillion, depending on where you live, but we have done that, too and bbq'd (our parks have huge bbq's... gotta love Texas!). Is there a banquet hall y'all could rent for cheap, then have catering (or you could have just the meal catered and bring your own desserts). also, potlucks are becoming more and more common in these difficult times. or maybe a friend has a house large enough and a heart big enough that they can't say no?! good luck!

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