Does chacolate taste good on skin?!


Does chacolate taste good on skin?

if you know what i mean ;)

If the skin is clean! Sure it is.. kool-whip tastes good too.. ;D

i am sorry I don't know what you mean. I do like chacolate though.


chocolate taste good no matter where it is.....becasue its chocolate!

yes, but it's sticky and I think it looks sort of gross if you don't get it all.

Slightly warmed and drizzled over the body and licked off ever so slowly,making sure not a trace of the sweet goodness is left .........yummy

I hope I didn't offend anyone it was not my purpose.but I apologize if I did.

Choclate would taste good on skin if you are a sexual freak ..
You need to use tongue sweetheart, its all about taste buds

I enjoy chocolate on skin.

why not (hey use spell check)

I've never tried that... but you sure got me thinkin! I bet it's delicious!

oooo i love chocolate !!!! yummy !! awww man now im hungry lol !

Yes, it does. ;)

especially when mingled with sweat and bacteria.

yea i no wut u mean! yea

You mean like chocolate body paint? We had some once and it just tasted kind of bitter. Regular chocolate is OK if it's not too hot from being melted, but use old sheets because chocolate stains.


Yea chocolate syrup, is the best. Or even strawberry glaze

does donkey love thee?

Yes, it does, unless the guy is hairy, then it's gross!

not the chocolate ur thinking of, it i gross n very sticky, its a turn off lol

Why not? The loving tenderness that goe in licking it off the skin will make it sweeter still. Lick it spotlessly off the surface(if he/she allowed it). A little salty body sweat added would make it all the more delicious.

By the way what is the brand of the chocolate you use/propose to use for the purpose.

If you report these findings to the chocolate company they may put it to good use and even give you life time supply of their chocoates .They may even make you a brand-ambassador(with your photo in advt. licking and smacking chocolate off the skin with the label in your hand and you saying,"It tastes better this way!"

Do try it!

Depends which way you mean it! If ya drop a speck of chocolate and lick it offit still tastes like the good ol chocolate! But if you mean it the other way...the canibalism way then yuck! lol!

Uhm,,,,,why yes!!, a bit fishy at times,,, but yes!!

Yes sure .. it tastes the best in BJ on the c, o, ck studs

chocolate is delicious but it can make you fat...........

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