Suggest a budget Romantic Restaraunt in New York?!


Suggest a budget Romantic Restaraunt in New York?

My Girlfriend is coming to meet me after 2 months and I plan to take her out for Dinner Friday night in NY city.
Lots to choose from !! so please suggest me one that is elegant, not too loud, dim lights cozy etc.
------- Address and location will be greatly appreciated!-------------

Ok Karma,
I'm sure you want to make this a memorable evening for the lady; going on the budget spectrum is not always possible in NYC, but I think you have a shot at Beccos near Time Square & Midtown West. The prices are not rock-bottom, but in terms of service, portions, and quality, you get tremendous bang for your buck at Becco (which means to "peck, nibble, or savor something in a discriminating way"). The main courses can head north of the $20 mark, but take a look at the prix-fixe menu for $17 at lunch, $22 at dinner, which includes either a Caesar salad or antipasto plate, followed by a "Symphony of Pasta," unlimited servings of the three fresh-made daily pastas. There's also an excellent selection of Italians wines at $20 a bottle. If you can't make up your mind about dessert, have them all: a tasting plate includes gelato, cheesecake, and whatever else the dessert chef has whipped up that day. The place has the feel of romance you want and the budget. I would say next time try having a "design caterer" like myself, help you create something on a smaller scale at home. But for now try Beccos..... you won't be disappointed.

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I do not know exactly what you are looking for, but if you go to the website below, you can search for restaurants in a certain zip code and get exact information about the restaurants (i.e. phone number, address, etc.) Plus, you can buy certificates for meals at a reduced rate (i.e. $25 for a $50 certificate) So take your girl somewhere romantic, save some money, and have a good time.

McDonalds. But bring your own candles.

Suggestion: try the French fries

My best advice would be to clean up your pad, turn off the phone, and make her dinner yourself. It shows alot more thought and most women would appreciate the gesture. Plus, you can set the mood yourself (music, lighting, and so on) and not have to worry about any kind of interruptions.

I've found that women generally appreciate things like that over just going to a resturaunt.

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