What's the best way to learn how to open and run a restaurant?!


What's the best way to learn how to open and run a restaurant?

I want to open a basic burger & fry place that focuses more on the experience than the food.

Well, I've done just what you are thinking of doing. Never had any experience beforre and still have teh place doing fairly well after more than 2 years.

Here's my suggestions; (all of which I did)

Set up ametting with SCORE in your area...it's free advice and counseling on opening your biz..and I actually was lucky enough to have a couple of retirees that had first hand knowledge help me.

Talk to other small restaurant owners! They can really enlighten you.

Here is a good forum to check out:


I really find the rest biz talk forum best.

Last, I started a blog about my experience ... look through it and you will find my comments and details on doing this...


Look around the May and June entries of 2004 to see the start of the restaurant.

best of luck.


Do an internship at a breakfast lunch joint. Easy dishes, fast pace!!

You can talk to someone who already owns and runs a restaurant, but if you are focusing on the experience more than the food, you should talk to an interior designer or commercial space planner. They would help you.

Running a restaurant is a hands-on experience. The best way to learn is to work in one. It does not have to be in one the same as what you want to open, but it should have the same basic type of clientelle and operating system. Also, sampling what will be your competition is a good way to start: Learn what others are doing right, doing wrong, etc.Have you mapped out a business plan? You can learn a lot just by putting everything in black & white.

Work in a restaurant and then manage a restaurant. That's the best way to learn and it's also the best way to ensure your own restaurant will be a success.

It's also important to take business courses and to either write, or have a professional write a business plan so you can decide if your idea will fly.

"I want to open a basic burger & fry place that focuses more on the experience than the food." - it's hard to imagine what you mean by that. I can't think of a basic restaurant where the food isn't the most important thing. I know of many small restaurants where they don't have the best eating experience but the food is exceptional and that makes them a success. I don't know of any where the "experience" is more important than the food.

Best luck in your endeavor :)

Try working in a Red Robin for a while

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