So im kinda hungy...any women want to make me a sandwhich?!


So im kinda hungy...any women want to make me a sandwhich?

beverages are not necessary but would also be appreciated. o and can u cut off the crust please?

haha alright, i know that as a girl im supposed to take offence to woman jokes, but the best one is "why dont women need umbrellas?" 'cause it doesnt rain in the kitchen'
god, that is an amazing joke.i laugh my pants off everytime.

sure I can sweetie. What flavor cat food do you like?

Sure, I'll make you what I made my kids: Grilled turkey and colby cheese on sourdough.

You will need 2 women to make you a sandwich.

OK-- tuna, provolone, lettuce, tomato, red onions, jalepenos, pickles on a hero with vinegar & oil. sound good?

are your legs broke?

As soon as you get your behind off the couch and detail my car, and change the oil while you're at it!! ; )

let me dig in the trash for the moldy salami that i threw out earlier..........................

you need some gurls for a lil freak sam'ich

Poor Baby Can't Make Himself A Sandwich Looks Like Your Going To Starve LOL
Deal For You,
You Make The Sandwiches I'll Make The Drinks.

make it yourself...and while you're at it...get me a beer

Whatever. You need to get off the couch and stop watching ESPN.

uh, nah

poof, you are a sandwhich

As soon as we are married and you are supporting me and my 2 teenagers along with providing good insurance.....I will fix you a no crust sandwich, and any other meal you want. I'll also rub your back and be hot for you every night!

your mum is a woman !!!


Get it yourself! I ain't your damn slave.

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