Does anyone have any good cocktail recipes?!


Does anyone have any good cocktail recipes?

I took a job as a bartender a couple of months ago and am often asked if I can make 'something new or different'. My current "new" drink is called 'chocolate cake' but everyone seems to be getting bored with it.

Caipirinha and Mojito....very strong and refreshing drinks. Many recipes in the Internet. Not very well known here in the US but a big hit over many years in Europe. Both cocktails have their origin in the Carribean/Cuba I believe and use sugar cane alcohol.
Caipirinha requires a lot of limes an brown sugar and ice which you squeeze all together and then fill up with the sugar cane alcohol.
Mojito is with fresh Mint leaves instead of the limes. Some use Tequila in it but I think this destroys the original flavor and I would stick to the original recipe.

You need thick glasses for the Caipirinha because of the squeezing - which you do with a little wooden device in the glass.


Pour a shot of everything you got in the house in a big glass and call it a suicide !!!!

Renew interest in the old favorites:
Old Fashioned
Gin & tonic
all of those sweet candy drinks are for losers

I don't know, but I was looking for what a chocolate cake was, and it lead me to this website. All the drinks have ratings, so they're ranked -- I thought it was cool. **CHEERS**

buy Salvatore Calabrese's "Sexy Cocktails". the recipes make delicious drinks!!!

I find the *sunrise* is good. You get orange juice whip it in a milkshake maker with some ice, pour it in a glass and with a spoon run red cordial down the side of the glasss slowly so it gets to the bottom it should rise like a sunrise, to make it a cocktail either vodka or champagne is good for it just add it before the cordial, if they dont like orange juice try pineapple juice and green cordial instead.

It is called a Horny Caribou

1 shot kalaua
1 shot Irish Cream
1 shot Buttershots

Cherry Kiss
1 shot cream de cacao
1 shot Irish Cream
1 shot Chambourd

Jamaica Julep

2 jiggers rum
1 tsp powdered sugar
10-12 fresh mint leaves
crushed ice

In a bowl cover mint with sugar. Add a few drops of water and muddle. Remove half of muddled mint and place in a silver julep glass. Top with crushed ice to half full. Add rum, remaining muddle and top with crushed ice. Stir with a long spoon until frost appears on the outside of the glass. Rub lip of glass with lime and dress with fruit and mint.

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