What was the craziest thing you ever did while you were drunk?!


What was the craziest thing you ever did while you were drunk?

For me, that would have to be sleeping with my best friends wife while he was asleep in the other room. How about you?

The list is so long....

Told a cop he couldn't take me without his gun. (He could)

Dated a neighborhood biker's wife.

Woke up with my girlfriend's roommate with my wife's brother banging on the door.

Countless others that were less amusing, but more painful.

sleepwalking naked after passing out

I gotta mention my friend - he pi.ssed on his tv!

I picked a argument with a realy big girl, and she kicked my but on new years eve on Margate beach in Souyh Africa.

Don't have one I have never been drunk before.

Married my first wife,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

I was flirting with an arab in front of my so called ex boyfriend... I dont regret it though

forgot i was drunk and got sober
i hate when that happens

i was a party.. got totally drunk and started laughing for no reason at all.. couldnt stop laughing.. until i passed out!

had an orgy with my girlfriend and three other girls...no lies.. my girlfriend ate this chick out and threw up all over her. All this happened with my dad downstairs :)

gatecrashed a 13th birthday party at macdonalds and got ejected the guy who ejected got employee oft he month!

im still drunk i'll get back to ya

getting drunk is the craziest thing-it kills about ten thousand brain neurons each time. when you say 'craziest thing' you actually mean stupidest thing.

Tried to climb in a washing machine with no clothes on, whilst doing this my Mate rob attempted to put a carrot in a very unorthadox place. :)

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