Does anyone know what is the mystery flavors of a dumdums?!


Does anyone know what is the mystery flavors of a dumdums?

I saw this on The Food Channel.

It's a mix, but not always the same mix. when they make the candy for the lollipops, they do it one flavor at a time, feeding huge amounts of a certain flavor into a machine, but when the huge roll of, say, cherry, is done and they feed the next roll of, say, pineapple, in, there's a transition area in the middle where the pops are a combination of cherry and pineapple.

The pops that are made from these mixed flavors get the mystery wrapper. It's a smart move, since they're not really any actual flavor, they would otherwise be tossed out. This way, they can sell the 'defective' lollipops and people find them fun anyway.

the "mystery flavor" is a regular flavor, it could be strawberry, bubblegum, get it.
you have to guess which of the regular flavors it is.

It's when they change flavors and don't clean the last of the old flavor out as the new stuff comes in. The first few pops are anyones guess.

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