Eighteenth Birthday Party?!

Question: Eighteenth Birthday Party?
I'm trying to figure out what my friends and I should do for my 18th birthday. I wanted to go see Rango, but four of the five stuck their noses up at the idea. Now I'm lost as to what we should do. I really don't want to clean the house or do anything super expensive. I do live near Chicago, but I would need my parents to go with (dad worries about me), so that's out of the question. Any ideas? Nothing silly or super childish please.


I am turning 23 this year, and I'm going to see Rango with a bunch of my friends, I just told them that was what I wanted to see. I think it looks awesome. I think you should still go see it if you want.

personal experience.

Hmm. 18th birthday party. Not sure if you'd be interested in doing movies and bowling. Perhaps lazer tag. You could go to a comedy club. Now that you are 18 years old you can see most comedy shows. Definitely a fun time to see a stand up comedian!

You're 18. Just go to Chicago...you're an adult.

Comedy clubs, dancing, bowling, laser tag, mini golf, hookah, karoake...

Go out to dinner

go to a fair/carnival

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