Sweet 16 Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

Question: Sweet 16 Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm having a surprise party for my friend who is turning 16. I have some money and I could have it somewhere or have it at my house. Any ideas where I could have it? (I live in Allentown,Pennsylvania)
Or what could I do at my house for her? thanks =]


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If you have the party at your house it means you will have more money to spend on decorations, food etc!

If you're having a surprise party, just do the whole teenager party thing - good music, good food, lots of people. If you want to have it themed, make sure it's something that the birthday girl will be able to be apart of (seeing as she won't be able to prepare for it), you could pick a colour scheme like everyone must wear black and pink.

Good luck!

having a party at your house costs less money, cause you don't have to pay for a venue, and its better cause you have more input and control in terms of food, decorations ETC.

pick a few colours she likes and use those for decorations, or pick something she is interested in and use that as a theme. have some food, and music. have another friend take her out, and bring her when its time.

i agree with jj

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