Dose anyone know of a chocolate factory that dose birthday parties?!

Question: Dose anyone know of a chocolate factory that dose birthday parties?
for my daughter's birthday party she wants to go to a chocolate factory to make chocolate stuff with her friends. she went to a birthday party like this and loved it that's why she wants to do it. we live in milton ontario. I'm looking for somewhere as close as I can get. no where farther than an hour please.


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I don't live in Canada so I don't know, but why don't you give her a chocolate theme party at home? You could get a fondue pot or chocolate fountain and give them things to dip in it. Then you could make chocolate with molds.

I would think only birthdays would do parties!

Have you tried contacting Ben and Jerry's?

i dont knw a place but that sounds like a yummy party,goodluck honey

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