If I want to plan something nice for an exchange student friend who is leaving soon, what can I do?!

Question: If I want to plan something nice for an exchange student friend who is leaving soon, what can I do?
Let's say I am in NYC... Any decent ideas?


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I believe that NY is a dream for every exchange student. I think just NY key chains and a freindship bracelet would be nice!! :D
it depends where are they from thoughh..
Also an I love NY t shirt!


Have a special dinner of his favorite foods in America and his county. Have friends and other students say a little something about him. At end of evening has student to say something. Have photos made and maybe a movie of the evening. This is something he will remember all his life. Make ahead of time the foods so you will not be so busy or maybe have others to chip in with a pot luck.
If possible have someone to serve and take care of drinks and maybe keep things cleaned so you can enjoy the evening. We did this for my son's rehearsal dinner and he and his wife still talk about it. Enjoy your festivities as well as your friend. Good luck!

dinner and a movie and give him or her a sovenior that will always remind them of u.like maybe a framed photo of the both of u that u can take that dey before he or she leaves.that will be soo memorable.if u dont take pictures that day then u can use a photo from the past days

The best thing to really do is to give him/her a photo album of you and your family.Make sure you include pictures of her/him too so she/he can feel missed and apart of the family.

I second the photo album idea. Something he/she can hold in his/her hand and show his/her family and friends.

Let's say take him/her to dinner at Picholine.

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