Help with my mom's birthday?!

Question: Help with my mom's birthday?
I have a whole suprise dinner planned out for my mom and it requires all day preparations. However I just found out that friday (the only day I can do it) she will be off work. This means she will be home all day where I am cooking at cleaning. I asked my dad if he would keep her out of the house all day for me and he said he didn't know. So without any help from my dad I need to find a way to get my mom out of the house all day well at least until about 5:30. Does anyone have any ideas?


Do you have an aunt or your grandma maybe,(or one of your moms friends) who live close by? Talk to them and have them call her up and ask her to come over and help them with something or go out shopping or something like that maybe?

Tell Dad to cough up some cash for beauty shop with the works included.

Buy her a gift cert for the spa or a nail place

i agree with botygy

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