I am trying to think of a memorable theme for my high school graduation party?!

Question: I am trying to think of a memorable theme for my high school graduation party?
I am having a large dance party with salsa and swing! I have had friends do ideas such as 50's with decorations and everyone dress up, but I felt that was too complicated. I had another friend who had a dance party and turned the lights down and had a disco ball and gave everyone glow sticks, for necklaces and bracelets. I thought that was awesome! But I don't want to copy her. It was simple but memorable. I was thinking just doing colors black and white decorations and having everyone come in those colors, but I was hoping for something additionally a little more memorable. As a side note, I love dancing and music and anything vintage, 1930's or 1940's. However, I am open to any ideas or suggestions at all! Please share! Thank you!


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sock hop and go to the second hand store to but record to use as decor items and check out the net for other things to add this theme

50's spaceship silver.

That way everyone can come wearing silver clothes and vintage spacesuit stuff

Roaring '20s. Men can wear fidoras and zoot suits, women can wear flapper attire.


I'd do the Black and White ball, recreating Truman Capote's November 28, 1966, fete at New York's swanky Plaza Hotel. It honored The Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, and was the social event of the season in 1966.

"On November 28, 1966, in honor of The Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, Capote hosted a now legendary masked ball, called the Black and White Ball, in the Grand Ballroom of New York City's Plaza Hotel. It was considered the social event of not only that season but of many to follow. The New York Times and other publications gave it considerable coverage, and Deborah Davis wrote an entire book about the event, Party of the Century (2006), excerpted by The Independent.[28] Different accounts of the evening were collected by George Plimpton in his book Truman Capote.[29]

Capote dangled the prized invitations for months, snubbing early supporters like fellow Southern writer Carson McCullers as he determined who was "in" and who was "out."

Remember, the room is black and white, and hype is the most important element.


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