can u help me with planning a birthday party?!

Question: Can u help me with planning a birthday party?
Im planning my 13 yr to be daughters first girl & boy party, I need some ideas, shes all into Jerkin and dancing, I need some ideas of decorations and party themes maybe some good websites or something? Thanks


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i agree with number 2

for my 13th birthday i want blacklights or strobe lights the ones that flash its only cool if its at night though pool parties are awesome. heres some links to sites with some good themes.

hope i helped i also hope your daughters party is awesome.

Hire a DJ or if that's out of budget hire an older teenager from the neighborhood who is into the same music as your daughter. Glow sticks and the neon jewelry (bracelets and necklaces) that glow once you snap them, ( The garage can be pretty cool because it can be kind of like a warehouse/rave atmosphere with plenty of space to dance. Take your daughter with you to the party store, she'll know what she wants to decorate with.
Ooops, you asked for web sites, here is one that might help:…

have a bunch of baloons,streamers hanged up and blacklights with strob light as ell...loud music maybe a mini finger food buffet ith refreshments,,,also since she loves to dance..why not a dance off with prizes...make it kida like a club basically since she loves to dance...

Im planning my birthday party chocalates, biscuit, copy.etc.


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