party ideas for teens?!

Question: Party ideas for teens?
my birthday's coming up and i'm turning 15. i don't want to invite more than 12 people (boys and girls), but my house doesn't have a pool. any party ideas?


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Why don't you just have a movie night? And that will turn into a party.

I did it.

Play blind mans buff ! xD in the dark 8)
and put the music up loud and dance ;D
just go crazy and hav fun :)
but if your not like that then you and your friends should just watch a movie, but remember to get popcorn and fling it at people! ;D

have a neon dance party at night! turn off all the lights like in your garage or something and get glow sticks and flashing lights! everyone will have an AWESOME time! and happy early birthday!

Move to restaurant.

going out is always fun, like a movie, bowling, or just dinner.

Video Games, Pizza, maybe a movie? (People like the classics like Disney)

movie nyt

My birthday's coming data is 2068/07/17 day.Then party and all my friends.

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