rock band party for 12 year old boys birthday?!

Question: Rock band party for 12 year old boys birthday?
My soon to be 12 year old son, wants to have a "get together" for his birthday but he is not referring it to a birthday party. I was wondering if maybe having a rock band party would keep the boys interested and be "cool" enough for 12 year olds, as they are all into games anyways.

What else can I do for the get together other than just placing them in front of the TV with snacks?


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Really, 12 year-old boys need nothing more than video games and a T.V.

11-13 year olds usually don't prefer for activities to be organized, so a Rock Band party is a pretty good idea! They probably won't do board games, but usually children this old can entertain themselves when they have friends around. Just be sure to buy plenty of snacks!
You might also might to keep some other video games handy. I'm sure a lot of boys won't want to sing.

I think that would be an awesome get together for a 12 year old especially if your son is into the game RockBand. You should set up the game get snacks that the kids love and ask your son what his favorite show or movie is and after they "Rock Out" they can chill down and watch tv. Then of course eat Cake and see him open up his presents. But an RockBand party is an awesome idea :)

If he has Kinect (Xbox 360) or Move (Playstation 3) already, suggest they play those games also inbetween sets of Rock Band so at least they get some physical activity. Either of those depending on the system he has would make a great birthday present.

sounds good and you might have the group dress up as there favorite
cool band member

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