Ideas for 15th birthday party?!

Question: Ideas for 15th birthday party?

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What about a murder mystery theme?

other ideas are:

Hawaiian / Tropical / Luau

1. Blowout Party~ Rent out a space, like at a hotel or something. Hire a DJ & get a killer dance floor. Get catering from an awesome restaurant, invite a ton of people, get a cake from a bakery with zebra stripes & bright colors.

2. Spa Sleepover~ Have a few friends over to do manicures & pedicures, facial masks & massage each other. You can gossip, read magazines & watch a chic flick.

Hope this helps(:

-eat out
-movie and sleepover (with popcorn and pizza)
-night out with friends at an under 16 night club ( i go all the time its fun but alot of the time there are like 12 yr old running around:/)
-take some friends to a theme park :D
-BBQ with famiy and/or friends
-a at-home spa night with the girls :)
-THEME PARTY like dress up ;P

Hope this helped :) xx

i like parties

Satanic orgy, followed by a goat sacrifice. Or goat sacrifice followed by satanic orgy - your birthday, your call.

Have a karaoke night
Eat out
Watch movies
Slumber party
Play board games/Videos Games DDR, Karaoke Revolution etc..
Swimming at a indoor pool at your local club
I tried my best to come up with some ideas.:)

Celebrate your party at home with few of your friends.

Ask whoever's birthday it is what he/she wants to do.

midnight bowling party

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