I need some decoration suggestions for a party im having?!

Question: I need some decoration suggestions for a party im having?
Im throwing a murder mystery dinner party that is a millionaire theme. The title of it is Murder of a Millionaire. So I have to decorate to make it seem ritzy. Everyone will be dressed in fancy evening wear. We are eating dinner too. Please help!! I do not mean my outfit or my guest's outifts. I meant the decorations for the room. I also have a packet that tells me what to do to throw the party. So I really only need ideas for the room.


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1) Have a butler. Yes, a butler is a decoration.

2) have one or more tall, heavy, candle holders (not candlabras, but "candle stick holders") that some one always seems to get killed with. Often by the butler. Even if that is not the mechanism of death they are still required.

3) you'll need a number of decanters for the inevitable port or sherry you'll be serving. Curried walnuts are a good accompaniment to the port.

3) Photos of big game hunts for the wall.

4)Photos or paintings of long dead relatives or ancestors are good.

5) Stately decorations featuring horses or dogs. Blue-bloods are big on their animals especially their hunting dogs and their hunter-jumper horse pursuits.

6) At least one animal-head on the wall.

7) Pipe smoke (ok, it's a scent). (gotta have at least one person in a smoking jacket too)

8) the obligatory small hand held bell used to summon the servants.

9) placecards for seating at the table

10) at least one statuary "bust" of someone.

I'd try some large thrift stores to try and find some of this stuff.
Good Luck!

Maybe some large candelabras with rhinestone or pearl beads strung on them.... they also sell in the candle section of a Walmart the large diamond looking stones. (I used them in my daughter's fish tanks) you could put them on the tables. Use a nice fabric to cover the tables with. Maybe something in a silk/satin material. Flowers always are nice for making things look nice! Depending on your budget, you could do chair covers with large bows on the back and maybe place cards with nice calligraphy writing on them.

Good Luck...Sounds like a blast!!!

I have a better suggestion for tablecover: white linen...If you have matching color cloth napkins, use them; if not: buy material and cut 12 in squares with pinking shears...fold: http://bumblebeelinens.com/napkinFolding…

Have candles sitting on small mirrors or do one larger mirror in middle with assorted candles...can float tea lights in tinted water if you want....can tie grossgrain ribbon around container holding candle. Or can do mini pots of roses down in a row the length of the table.

Get "silver look" platters, etc at party store for serving appetizers and such if you don't have real silver. Have someone walk around offering these.

Have a "bartender" and station where drinks are "ordered"...serve mocktails if underage. You should use real crystal glassware and fine china.

Do you have a strategic place to hang up some gossamer fabric with little lights behind it?

Do small "vignettes" of things on tables around room: stand something tall, then something medium height, then something small next to that. Use things like photos in silver frames, floral bouquets, statues, fancy trinket boxes...find some crystal adornments.

Got someone who can play the part of a Butler to answer the door and point the way?

Just keep it fairly simple and chic, neat with a few touches here and there for effect.

Can get several mini hand towels for bathroom for the guests.

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