What should be pay attention to when attend a party ?!

Question: What should be pay attention to when attend a party ?
I am going to attend a party.What should I prepare for?


Buffet is characterized by no fixed seats, you can choose seats, standing also, the form of lively, very easy to communicate to each other. Dishes, food utensils are furnished with a table and let customers self-created, like, the amount of size, full independence. Also pay attention to etiquette on such occasions. One should not take too much food, not enough might add, so as not to let others not eaten their own jokes, never seen the world, if you eat the rest of a pile, even rude. In addition, make bones, fish bones and other income into the side of the plate. Eat buffet, the food can not be out of the restaurant.

To dinner, remember not to be late. Case of late arrival of your people are first, before you sit down, be sure to remember with a smile and say hello to all sorry. Take a seat, we should await the owner of the arrangements, such as undecided seats, attendance by the owner or elders do, choose the appropriate seat to sit down. When you sit down, use your hand Some sat down after pulling a chair, do not kick the chair with their feet, this is a very casual way, if you have a boyfriend or husband is not accompanied by their own hands pulled the chair of the because it is the responsibility of men, will reflect with you men gentleman. Sit down, close to the legs, sitting upright, not the legs overlap, and do not put his hands on the back of a chair or sitting next to the handle on the table, this will make others think you pay attention to details.


As the guests invited to the party, such as when the appointments, proper manners, pay attention to etiquette is respect for the owner.
Before dinner party guests should be based on the purpose, specifications, objects, customs, or the owner asked to consider their own dress, dress may not realize the emotional impact of host and guest, the atmosphere of the banquet.

1. Alcohol & Drugs. If you are over 21, then awesome. Just watch out for it and don't smoke or get high.
2. Craziness. There are going to be lots and lots of people drunk and screaming and do retarded things.
3. How you look. Dress nice, but not too nice. Don't dress like a hoe. Be yourself.
4. Drunk Assholes Who Want To Get Into Your Pants.
5. Have Fun.

smoking, drinking, sex, and drugs ;D

fun. unless its like a nerd party with no substances

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