I'm having my birthday I need ideas HELP!!!!!!?!

Question: I'm having my birthday I need ideas HELP!!!!!!?
10 people
outside my house


Aloha themed make yer own pizza party! Aloha Joe On line Radio, {Warpradio.com thru the Window media player} Hawaiian punch, a few pineapple...too easy & lots of fun learnin to make yer own pizzas. No one will ever order from a pizzeria again


Someone eles's house ( 10 choices )
Bring your own drinks/snacks

I'm broke too.

maybe have a party at one of your friends houses? depending on your age, you could go to a club or bar.

fancy dinner?
hookah lounge?
it also depends how old ur turning?

hotel party with hookers, meth, and booze. youre welcome

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