Fortune Cookies!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Question: Fortune Cookies!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
Has anyone ever had a fortune cookie and the fortune seemed to come true? If so, what did the fortune say and what happened?


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whenever I goto my pops local Chinese rest. He reads his to the owner "your meal is on the house tonight." always gets me laughing

I was eating sushi at the mall. The stores hadn't opened yet, so I was having a little brunch in the food court.
My fortune said "You will soon be surrounded by things of luxury." And what do you know?! Soon the stores opened, and I would consider the mall a place filled with luxuries. :)

I don't exactly remember what I wish for but I open a fortune cookie wish for stuff etcetc... And I get it less then a year later? Seems awkward

Personal experience

Yes, it said something like: a vacation in the montains is in your near future and during summer break I went to my grandparents and they life on a montain :)

I had one that said something like "A change will begin in your home" and a month later, my parents started to renovate the kitchen.

That's as close as I've come to having one come true. :-)

No unfortunately. :( The ones I've gotten have all been very vague and can be applied to pretty much all situations in some way or another.

forture cookies are a load of BULLSHIT and if anybody tells you otherwise tell them to go **** themselves

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