I just graduated high school! and don't know what present to ask for!?!

Question: I just graduated high school! and don't know what present to ask for!?
okay so im 17, and wont be 18 till november and i just graduated high school!
my dad asked my what i want for a present but i don't know what to ask for
he said its has to be reasonable
so a limit between probably 250$ - 300$, most likely no more than that,
he said he wont get me a car, so that's out :/
any ideas?


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It's funny..you mention turning 18 in November but you don't say anything about plans for continuing your education and being excited about that. If you did go to college (even commuting from home to a college nearby) would be the BEST gift you could give to yourself; then you could come out with a great job and income and have money for that Destination wedding someday, and be able to buy your own new car, get your own dwelling, etc....and even be in a position to buy your dad a special gift!

Spending that money on baubles, bangles and beads isn't going to mean anything: make a plan for a future goal that will bring a greater reward. Have dad help you with college plans. The previous suggestions of using the gift money to buy college supplies is a good one....same goes for having good travel accessories. Having your dad give you a special book that symbolizes something you both enjoy or that is geared towards your interests and having him write an inscription in it will have lasting memories (long after he's not with you)--then use the rest of the gift money for future college things.

Don't ask for money, it won't have any sentimental meaning to it.

When I graduated high school, one of the things I asked for was luggage because I wanted to travel. I got a very nice set from my aunt and I still have two of the original three pieces. Good luggage holds up well. And now - 30 years later - it prompts a great memory every time I travel.

When got that luggage I had no idea the places I would eventually go with it. But I still have it and I've traveled all over three countries with it, and had it on countless weekend get aways.

You'll wear out an ipod or shoes in just a few years. Get something that lasts. Are you a girl? If so, consider asking for your first set of pearls.

I would definitely ask for the money upfront as well, if you can't think of anything you want. Mainly because people aren't very good at shopping for me, even when instructed. Either that, or a gift card to one of your favorite stores/websites. That way you more or less have complete control over what you'd be getting as a present. :)

A laptop.

It's within your price range, and will be a great help in University/college (if you're planning to go there) as well as something fun for you to check your emails on, go on Facebook on, browse the Internet, etc.

Laptop. Trust me especially if your going to college you need something small like a netbook, tablet or small laptop to carry around. Also the new I-pod touch 4g comes in handy when you walk a lot. It comes with face time.

assuming your going to college. get accessories for your dorm room!! stereo, decorations, etc etc...once you start looking it gets really exciting and your gona wish you had money to buy alllll the amazingly cute things you see. :)

Ask for the money up front, that's what I'd do...lol

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