photo-board for a 50th & 40th birthday party?!

Question: Photo-board for a 50th & 40th birthday party?
my parents are having a joint 50th/40th birthday party and im just wondering, what type of photos should i put on their photoboard. ??? so far i've got a couple of baby photos, high school photos and wedding photos. what other ones should i get?


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Add some group shots with family in there...after all, it's about their life ;). Were there favorite vacation times? Did they do special volunteer work or belong to certain organizations? What sports, hobbies did they enjoy doing? swimming, golf, reading, cooking, crafts, fishing, etc. Did they have pets through the years?

Be sure to label them so ppl know who is who doing whatever at whenever year it was. Add some fun captions.

A time progression type photoboard could be fun too. Have it go from baby to preset day. Pictures of each of them at every stage. Of course using favorite events, and occasions. As well, you can put pictures that have funny stories behind them.

You could make a powerpoint to show, this way you can incorporate music and little captions to explain all the pictures.

Add some fun birthday sayings and quotes in with the collage. Check out these great 50th birthday quotes…

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