What are some good ideas for a black and white theme graduation party?!

Question: What are some good ideas for a black and white theme graduation party?
Hi! I am planning my graduation party. I definitely wanted to some type of theme to make everything cohesive, (but simple) So I think I am going to have a black and white party. I want to do all of the decorations black and white, and have the guests come casual but black and white. As a side note, I am also having lots of swing and salsa dancing at my party. We are using the hall in a senior center, so it's not a very fancy place at all. So here is my question: I am looking for unique ideas for decorations or party favors to make my party awesome and memorable!


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Michael Jackson - Black or White
AC/DC's Back in Black
Billy Idol's White Wedding
Paul McCartney's Ebony and Ivory
Amy Whinehouse Back to Black
Rolling Stone Paint it Black

just some random music :)
also, there was this really cool thing my friend did at her black and white party: she bought a massive blackboard and as guests arrived they wrote a special message or signed their names in chalk on the blackboard. the noise was cancelled out by the music :P
hope i helped xx

First thing first, I would create the mood. There are very cost efficient ways to make the room look sophisticated. Pinning white sheets to the walls helps make the room look more done up. Putting black seat covers over the chairs and and tables would help also. I would create one accent color though. A darker purple or navy blue would help accent the sophisticated look and still make it fun. A white vase with a single purple flower would be really cool.

Get a good photographer - black and white photo's are always nice, have a huge black and white cake - white icing, black designs with an icing pen, the blackboard idea is cool but you could get some cheap canvases, and white emulsion paint covering it and black paint so people could paint a canvas - more long lasting and hope this helps!

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