13th birthday ideas? :)?!

Question: 13th birthday ideas? :)?
my daughter is turning 13 soon, and we have booked a hall and a dj for her to have a disco party, but we would like some little touches to go with it. things like chocolate fountains and things, nice little touches. but the hall doesnt allow chocolate fountains, but things like that please, thanks :)


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My first question, is it still themed? if it is, try going with foods that match the theme, bright colors for frosting of cookies, the Easter M&Ms everywhere that are bright colored, etc. thats just an example. When I was 13, mocking a cocktail party would have been awesome, your creating the "club" scene for her, so go all out.

ITS AMAZING I find this. http://obuyo.info/52953/chocolate-fountain


go with her theme. see if you can find "disco" themed snacks! make her 13th the most psychadelic you can! :)

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