Birthday Ideas For My Friend!?!

Question: Birthday Ideas For My Friend!?
She has just started senior school and is half way through the first year, she has stuck with her old friends and made one close one. She is not sure what she should do! What do you think?

Shes not girly.
But not a outdoors person.
Likes the theatre.
Fave colour blue.

Anyy Ideass? Thanks x


Loads of things she could do.
-A small party at her house or something.
-A big party booked somewhere fancy.
-Going out for dinner.
-A trip to a funfair.
-A picnic at the park.
-Going to watch a film or play since she like theatre.
-Karaoke sleepover.
- You could make it a themed party if there's something she is obsessed with

You could also try this website for more

Hope it helps.

If she likes the theatre how about a theatrical supper (not sure about the american school ages so don't know if you're old enough to drink but if you are blue Cura?ao and soda water makes a nice drink)

for supper how about a nice cut of meat or fresh tuna steak grilled very quickly with a fresh green salad, potato salad, crusty bread (maybe a bit of cheese in with the salad) and a sorbet for pudding (sorbets are very VERY easy to make) will give you the recipe for one if you want)
Could be a nice grown up end to an evening at the theatre/cinema…………………………

Thats all i can think of.

My friend bought me a fair ivy surprise package subscription and i loooooved it--I really like surprises and mail. I'd never heard of it before so I felt pretty cool being the only one of my friends to get one.

Its also neat cause I got a new surprise package every month so it felt like she was constantly buying me new sweet things :)

Host a massive house party, or organise a party at a town hall/theatre?

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