Hi any ideas on putting a fun easy creative family spin on sphageti and meatballs?!

Question: Hi any ideas on putting a fun easy creative family spin on sphageti and meatballs?
im going to be doing family night and i was going to be making spagheti and meatballs and thought i might change it up a bit (but nothing to crazy i have to picky kids) maybe even do a theme. any ideas?


Make spaghetti tacos like they do on ICarly! Simply make the spaghetti like you normally do, and then put it into a hard taco shell. It's actually really good. The kids will like it and will think its cool to be eating something made famous by a tv show!

Shredded Cheddar cheese is good on spaghetti. The Italians call it "Irish spaghetti" lol. Cut up the cooked speghetti put Cheddar cheese on it and sprinkle some garlic salt on it.... amazing. (But only if you are using "real spaghetti sauce, as in home made, simmered all day with onions garlic and basil). My husbands 100 year old family recipe is easy:
just get a large can of whole peeled tomatoes and blend it in a blender till just blended, saute a diced onion and a diced garlic clove with a basil leaf then pour in the tomatoes and some salt and pepper and some oregono... simmer for a couple hours. tear up some basil leaves on the end product. Mmmm!

Add a little hot sauce to the sauce to give it a kick, or empty a packet of dry ranch dressing mix into ground beef and make ranch meatballs.
If you want to get a serving of green veggies in there, shred some zucchini and stir it into the sauce. It looks like cheese and you can't even taste it!

What about a Countries theme? You could make meatballs and their side dishes in the style of different countries around the world. Swedish, Polish, Russian and Thai spring to mind but I'm sure the possibilities are endless.

if yuou cut up mozzeralla cheese or those string cheese sticks you can stuff them inside the meat balls

What about Baked Ziti and Meatsauce Instead?

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