Can't think of food to get for my party?!

Question: Can't think of food to get for my party?
Im hosting a party saturday and i cant think of foods and candy to get! like Funyuns, Cheetos, what else do people like? im spacing out :-/ thanks!


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Maybe those little smoky's? They have ones with cheese in them too! :) Veggies and dip, Chex mix, m&ms, chips and dips, bean dips (home made is easy), cookies, apples and carmel dip(but then you have to cut up all the apples), chicken strips with ranch and bbq sauce, little chimichangas, french fries.
If it's a drinking party everyone likes Jack in the Box tacos when they've had a few drinks! lol.

Well I wish you were more specific on what type of party it was, but I will try my best to help you. People of all ages like cake, finger sandwiches and snack mixes. You can also provide desserts (cookies, brownies, etc). Chicken tenders,wings, and meatballs are good. A healthy tray (carrots, grapes, celery, etc) would also be nice. For candy, you should buy one of those big variety bags, because there is a lot of candy out there, and you never know who likes what. You can also never go wrong by ordering a bunch pizzas and cheese sticks.

O and dont forget plates, drinks and napkins! Hope that helps

For other snack items you could get:
-Veggie straws (they sound lame but they're really good)
-Nachos and dip
-Wheat thins and cheese

For candy you could get:
-Sour Patch Kids
-Swedish Fish
-Jelly Beans

Get a tray of vegetables, a few different types of chips, and a variety of dips.

just get a few different bags of chips but many different dips

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