How come, I get embarrased when?!


How come, I get embarrased when?

I ask my local baker for a doughnut with a hole in it?

well it could be worse.. you can ask for the jelly filled hole

a donut usually has a hole in it

you are a doughnut????????????

Cos your a twat?

An old waitress friend of mine was just as embarrased when she went to the chippie and would ask for a chicken supper - NOT THE LEG!!! She just couldn't bring herself to ask for breast. Why don't you just ask for one of those? xx

It happens to loads of people. don't worry about it too much

Ask for underaged cherry pie instead.

guilty conscience?

I don't know.

Perhaps you should just revert to pointing or alternatively change your description to "the one with sprinkles".

bc all dounts pretty much have holes

you probably have a vivid imagination, dont think about things before you say them just say what you want and to hell with what it sounds like...well it works for me

thats not very nice karen, sounds like you're a t***

Maybe you have a dirty mind.

maybe you have the hots for your baker?

Try asking him for a deep-fried torus.

There's nothing wrong with being's probably because of the way you were raised. I understand that there are plenty of ''modest'' people who feel the same way as you, like me!

that's how dough nuts are made

Cos of the way you are, but why not just ask for a doughnut or a ring doughnut

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