I need inspiration for an 80's themed birthday cake?!

Question: I need inspiration for an 80's themed birthday cake?
My friend is having a birthday party soon and I'm making her cake. She was born in 1989, so she wants to have an 80's themed party. I'm not going to just do some basic round or rectangular cake; I want to have more fun than that. I can do any shape, and I use fondant as well as frosting. I just need something girly and "80's" as inspiration. 1989 is ideal, but anything from the 80's works. Pics would help. Thanks in advance!


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make it like a disco ball, different colours, and each slice is a different colour
you can buy moulds, to make it a round cake! and you can put a sparkler in the top to be the wiring of the disco ball!

I love this design...the topsy turvy cake....

Maybe you can incorporate some 80's icons into the design...but don't overdo (your party will be theme enough...let the cake stand out with just a bit of theme to tie them together if you use these design colors and design...it's really stunning!)

do you watch cake boss?
they have done a couple

one was in the shape of a boom box, with lots of 80s items

they also did another, a huge rubix cube

have a google
a lot of the items were easily replicated with fondant

A Swatch Watch
A Boom box
A Rubik's Cube
Frankie Says Relax
Donkey Kong
Pac man/Ms. Pac-Man

Search/Google 80's icons for images ;)

Bellbottoms hippies


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