fun stay at home ideas for familys?!

Question: Fun stay at home ideas for familys?

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play a board game, have an indoor picnic eat on the floor and have everyone come up with a dish they want to make. :)

Lots of board games, especially the kind that make you do funny things as a group.
Make a weekly calendar and pick days you want to do things each week. That way, if one day turns out a flop, the next day is still waiting for you!
Monday - popcorn, pizza movies and friends
Tuesday - board game night with popcorn and snacks
Wednesday - walk in the park or local walking track (indoors or out)
Thursday - cooking, everybody take turns making a new fun recipe together
Friday - crafts. scrapbook together even if it's just giving people pen and paper to write a short note about someone else for their scrapbook.

Board games.
Bake cookies, cupcakes.

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