small teen house party?!

Question: Small teen house party?
my parents are going away for the night and I want to have a party, it'll only be small (about 15 people), there will be alcohol but not a lot. just wondering if anyone has any tips so my parents don't find out or ideas of what we can do?


It's not a great idea to do the party in secret but take out any important stuff from your house like ornaments or whatever and put them in places that NOBODY can acsess, clearly mark where the bathroom is and make any rooms private and forbidden to go inside. Make sure people have a set time to go home and to arrive and just be careful. Have fun! Hope I helped!
~rachel xo

Keep people in a few rooms so they don't wander while drunk, Don't leave out any markers or pens, cover the couches or things that can be stained/drawn on, hide valuables, don't have everyone park in front of your house, make sure someone is responsible and sober in case god forbid something goes wrong and someone needs medical attention or someone needs to be driven home. When people come over take away their keys, and try to block out windows and keep people inside. Also don't let people crank the music so your neighbors don't rat you out. (same if they leave so they aren't really loud)

There's no way it's staying at 15 people. Everyone brings some people and it turns huge and alcohol you don't expect to be there will be there.
Don't let the music too loud and don't let anyone leave without you letting them, avoid nosy neighboors.

No alcohol please and make sure is only 15 remember people can bring others to the party and turn it to 45 people 2nd if u have noisy neighbors dont even bother bc then ur parents will know

Yeah don't do it idiot. 15 people isn't small and alcohol is lame. Just starting an addiction to fit in.

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