vegeterarian party? help pleaseeee?!

Question: Vegeterarian party? help pleaseeee?
so my friends been a vegi for 10 yrz and im having a lil surprise party in my house for her.. im wondering what sort of things i could do? like vegi things? help plzzz!!!


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Go for finger foods. Veggies and dip, hummus with pita, tortilla with salsa and guacamole. You can also find vegetarian sausage rolls and chicken fingers in some grocery stores if you wanna go for that

My best friend has been a vegeterian for a long time too! Were both thirteen. But at parties that I have or something I usually get a mix of what she and the others could eat so I get a plain cheese pizza, bread sticks, crackers, dips, candy, junk food. I also get a few other pizza's for the other people but some fries, vegeterian sausages, burgers and stuff like than! Hope I helped, have a great party!
~rachel xo

Wut about veggie burger and tofu

Buy the mini containers the contain veges inside them..You could buy them at Wal*mart

I'd do and Egg plant dish or a Cauliflower dish(Soup) and maybe some Carrots with onions?

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