Who has tried drinking orange juice after brushing their teeth???!


Who has tried drinking orange juice after brushing their teeth???

It's not the taste that gets me, it just dries my mouth out.

That's because the basic sodium fluoride in toothpaste is meant to coat the teeth with calcium fluoroapatite, which dissolves at a pH of about 4.5. That means your teeth won't corrode as much because it would take an acid with a pH lower than 4.5 to break through the coating. Toothpaste also gets on your tongue though, so it affects your taste buds. Then when you drink the acidic citrus juice, which also contains vitamin c (another acid), it reacts with the basic residue left over from your toothpaste. That's what gives you the weird taste in your mouth. ;-)

me and ... it's nasty.

Doesnt taste very good huh? LOL


I flinched just thinking of it.

it's gross. And so is smoking a cigarette right after brushing. Gotta eat a salty chip or something before orange juice or a smoke.

I have. Drink the juice first, then brush.

that is nasty. i did it once and it made me confounded bad.

me. it doesnt taste very good. and i dont think it is good for your teeth. Ya need to brush again.

what is wrong with u ppl very yummy!

ewwww, thats the worst!

its such an odd feeling. And the taste is terrible! Ugh I hated being little and never speaking up for myself!

It's horrible. Take iwo glasses of water, and then take the O.J.

yeah it is horrible. note to self. I never do it.

it's nasty. big time.

oh, grotesque taste.

me and its bout the most bitter thing ever

yeah...kinda reminds ya of nails on a chalk board...or chewing on foil...not very appealing...

MAN that is DISGUSTING i have accidentally done that several times

Haha, yeah. You know what's just about as bad? Found it out around Thanksgiving time... cranberry sauce and then a drink of milk. Really bad!

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