how to plan a sweet 16 ??!?!?!

Question: How to plan a sweet 16 ??!?!?
i don't usually have birthday party's and if i do they usually end up terrible.

its now the middle of feb and my 16th birthday in december but ill probz have my party in november before the summer hols.

i started a new skl in october and tried to have a 15th bday party but it sucked because i didn't really know anyone yet and no one could ***.
my parents say that because we live in zimbali estate in south africa i can have the party in 1 of their buildings (lodges) instead of my little bedroom like my 15th.

i have no idea how to plan a sweet 16 and need to make this the mother of all party's


(4 the theme im kinda old fashioned and free spirited and simple (not in the dumb way) is how ppl describe me )


get plenty of food. get a dj ask for donations from parents, friends, cousins, siblings etc and start telling people. cause if you do it at the last minute then your scewed. decorate and just be creative. go to walmart.

my sister had one

go to MTV sweet sixteen website

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