Instructions to best eat a suhi without it crumbling?!


Instructions to best eat a suhi without it crumbling?

Sushi, and I assume you mean rolls, should be bite size.
If it is to large for one bite, it behoves the chef to ensure a tight roll that will hold together. There isn't any secret in eating it so that it doesn't fall apart. Use your hands or chopsticks. Nigri sushi is fish on a rice ball and very easy to eat. I prefer Sashimi sushi because there's no rice to fill you up, then you get to eat more fish.

So, I see you are no good with chopsticks.

Use your hands then.

It is fine to eat with your fingers, chooose the smaller rolls and pop the whole price in your mouth.

if it's small enough eat it all in one bite!

Huh? I've never had that happen.

eat cheaper sushi

All at once is best for individual pieces. Cram the thing into your mouth. You get all the flavors at once, without anything falling apart.

For larger rolls, like spider rolls, I suppose you just have to expect a little crumbling.

You can eat sushi with your hands. Just pick it up and enjoy.

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