What should I serve for (kosher) dinner?!


What should I serve for (kosher) dinner?

I'm planning a smal dinner party, 3 married couples and me. One couple is Jewish - and kosher. I am not a rich person - lower middle class - but want to make a nice impression.

You cannot actually make a kosher meal because this involves more than just the foods you serve. And if people were strict about keeping Kosher it is not likely they would be eating a meal prepared by someone who is not themselves keeping Kosher. So, to begin with, relax, your guests are not likely to be sticklers about the rules. (Or perhaps, as a dear friend of mine, a Conservative Rabbi, once told me "the law regarding kosher food sometimes must give way to the higher law of being a polite guest and a friend")

On that assumption, its not that difficult. Don't serve pork or shellfish. Chicken or beef are your best choices. Assuming you choose beef or chicken then don't use any dairy products in making any part of the meal. No butter, milk, cheese or cream.

Here's a nice menu that you can easily google the recipes for:

Homemade chicken soup with matzah balls

Roast Chicken
Potato kugel
Carrot and apple tzimmes

Mandelbrot (an almond cake)

they sell koshered fish I stores.. not too expensive.. id serve that.. Jewish ppl also like fresh veggies so go that route too..

oh.. and they like fresh radishes!

Your best bet is to go to a kosher deli & market; they usually have prepared foods you can just stick in the oven and heat up, as well as produce and meats that follow the kosher guidelines.

My best advice, however, is to just ask the couple what they would like to have; its better just to ask them instead of just guessing.

hebrew hot dogs they are kosher!!!

First, do not serve any milk product if you are having meat. In Kosher cooking, it is strictly forbidden for them to be on the same table. Yes, that includes cheese, sour cream, butter, etc.

Try as veggi option, thats always a great idea, but you CANNOT use dairy. There's lots to choose from, asda and sainsbury's are great choices. You could also get kosher meat it's actually not that expensive about the same as normally sold meat and asda now sell it
How about stuffed peppers for starters with mixed vegetables and spices and rice as the stuffing, maybe a veg stirfy with either quorn or kosher meat for main meal or herbed roasted potatoes steamed veg with salmon or trout and the dessert maybe a fruit bowl inside half a gala melon.
Not all jewish people drink alcohol so maybe have a non-alcoholic punch or some elderberry juice.

Also NO pork or pig products or shellfish, make sure any dessert has no gelatin in it because it can be made with pork fat. Go for a veggi dessert instead, better be safe than sorry!

Kosher stuff...

don't think so.......you serve anything you like with beautiful smile is making good impression on you.

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