Who was the worst dinner guest you ever had?!


Who was the worst dinner guest you ever had?

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10 months ago
Poor p-nut butter, that is so sad. If it had been my gaff they would be wearing the dinner, and a boot up the derier out the door.

10 months ago
Poor p-nut butter, that is so sad. If it had been my gaff they would be wearing the dinner, and a boot up the derier out the door.

i had my auntie catherine over for christmas dinner last year with her 14 year old daughter and her husband david. Catherine has always been a bit of a slash can and when she arrived at my house at about 12ish on xmas morning already half cut i knew there was going to problems , she slopped her way through dinner swiging wine (red & white) struggling to find her mouth with her fork and spilling food down her blouse and face it was so embarrasing for her daughter and husband as they had to try and make small talk while she was getting plastered ! after dinner we tried to usher everyone in the lunge for the customary after xmas dinner laze about but she stayed at the table drinking the wine like it was going out of fashion and when it came to the time for them to leave she stood up from the table and then passed out on the floor in a drunken state leaving me and her husband to carry all 18 stone of her to his car ! needless to say they havent been invited back again

Colonel Gadaffi. Put a tent up for him in the garden and everything. Was he happy

The Inlaws/outlaws (as always).

None of my guest can be worst...

Fat Bastard..

This person who ate like they had never ate before and shoved it all in her mouth. It was truely discusting.

Sober ones.

Dracula. 'Vat you cooked him? I zed eggstra rare! Damn humans never get it right...'

Fella by the name of Saddam Hussein!

my b/f's brother's g/f, coz she just sat and slated him the whole time. It was embarrassing for him, and it made me feel really embarrassed as well, but I did not know her well enough to say anything.

well my hubby is Irish and I'm mixed with black,white,and Indian well anywayz the guest were white and the entire time they kept saying things like I'm not racist I have black friends and asking me the dumbest questions as if I just landed on earth and they couldn't tell me enough that they weren't racist and they told over 20 racist jokes eghhhhhhhhhhh stupid is as stupid does ohhhh yeah the guy as he was leving went into his wallet for a piece of paper to wright down his number so we could invite them back over and on his wallet was a leather swatztika hmmmm

Elvis. He ate like a pig and passed out before singing a single note. He wont be coming to dinner at my gaff again!

My now ex-husband's friend. The man was a slob, had no table manners and he talks with his mouth full of food. I never allowed him in our home for dinner after that.

A mate of a mate, dont care to remember his name, he turned up stoned, and behaved like a complete idiot. Lesson learned!

my little sister's best friend. . . . torture

yes and now he is my fiance

My ex-mother-in-law!!! What a B****!!!!!! Always complaining, nagging, whining about NOTHING!!!!!! She's dead now - devil finally caught up to that spoiled-a**-b****!!!!!!! They say don't speak ill of the dead - I DON'T CARE!!!!!

Oh my p-nut butter! That's horrible, I have many similar experiences, I try to be the nicest I can be to those type of people, so hopefully they learn better!
I think the worst was my friends girl friend came over and didn't eat anything! Why come to a dinner party if you don't plan on eating? (And I asked about food preferences before making the meal because I have people in my family with food allergies and picky eaters!) I just don't get it.

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